Rent a Beach Wheelchair at St Andrews West Beach

Beach Wheelchairs at the West Beach in St Andrews operates from 1st April to mid October.  We are now closed until April 1st next year.


  • Free rental of a beach friendly wheelchair.
  • Available from 1st April until mid October.
  • We have 4 available.
  • Small child hippocampe, medium child hippocampe  large child / small adult hippocampe, adult Nomad
  • At present, our Beach Wheelchairs are available to rent on Sundays
  • Advance booking is required
  • Can be rented for 1 or 2 hours from 10am - 4pm ( returns by 5pm)
  • Also available for half day rentals

Location Lat & Long and Address

56.346827, -2.806974

Seashell Cafe, West Sands Road, KY16 9XL

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